“Expovan”,with its experience in Vanilla processing has proved its ability to meet the quality expectations of end users in the International Vanilla Industry and looks forward eagerly to the eventual goal of processing Vanilla from the monitored harvest of Indian Vanilla Initiative growers,so as to provide end users with the finest quality Vanilla.
Traditional methods of sourcing proved to be unorganized and unpredictable, and this necessitated the founding of Indian Vanilla Initiative. So as to lay the foundation for the revival and rapid progress of Sustainable Vanilla Cultivation in India, Expovan sources Vanilla beans from IVI Farmers and the Open market. The supervised, systematic and consistent sourcing from contracted farmers who follow the cultivation methods propagated by IVI to ensure production of the finest Vanilla.
The Vanilla beans start out quite damp. First, they are dried under direct sunlight and then laid in the open air, alternating between sun and shade, driving out moisture. Too much sun can over-dry the beans and ruin the vanillin, leaving it brittle, and rendering the sticks useless. The beans are closely monitored and sorted according to the moisture content. Each individual bean is hand massaged to make sure drying happens evenly. The process lasts 2 months.During this process the bean turns from green to yellow and finally brown.
The beans are spread out on shelves in well-ventilated rooms with a temperature of about 25-28° C. The beans wrinkle up, turn lustrous, and moisture content is around 30-35%.The shade drying processes repeated until the weight of the beans is reduced to 1/3rd of the initial weight. This process requires about 20 to 25 days.The beans are of a soft leathery touch and can be easily rolled around one’s finger.
Fresh green vanilla beans that are harvested from the plantations are brought to the sorting facility – here the green beans are sorted by hand using proprietary scales based on their colour and length. This is a crucial step in processing, as during the next stage of scalding,the temperatures they are subject to will depend on these variables.
The sorted beans are bundled (150-250 g each) and tied together using a thread. These bundles are kept for conditioning inside wooden or metal boxes lined with wax paper for about two months. During this time there is further loss of moisture by 3-4%, this helps the aroma and flavour to develop. It is during this stage the vanilla bean develops it’s unique and characteristic flavour profile. Finally, the beans are bunched into bundles and stored in airtight containers. The beans remain there till they get packaged for shipping.
It is the chronicle of an extraordinary enterprise that proved to the world that nothing is impossible. The Indian Vanilla Initiative is the dream child of Dr. Mahendran, who at his hometown, Pollachi, TamilNadu, has been ardently into farming. A veteran with two decades of experience in the Vanilla value chain right from cultivation to marketing. Dr. Mahendran sensed the viability of the situation and started the Indian Vanilla Initiative. It was begun with a noble aim to help organize Vanilla planters of Karnataka, TamilNadu and Kerala and to help them get fair prices for their hard work, on par with international pricing. Under this Initiative, large and small farms and organizations cultivate Vanilla through contract farming tie-ups making use of the group's own cultivation techniques. The Initiative ensures 100% buy-back guarantee for the growers and traceability and audibility to cultivation across the Western Ghats.
Under the leadership of Dr. Mahendran, one of the pioneers of Vanilla in India with two decades of experience in Vanilla Cultivation and Processing, the Initiative meticulously oversees Vanilla cultivation successfully through sustainable methods. Under Indian Vanilla Initiative, small and large farmers cultivate Vanilla through contract farming tie-ups making use of the group’s own improved cultivation techniques. The Initiative ensures 100% buy back at the farm gate from the growers with prices in tune with the market and the assurance of a Minimum Support Price.
IVI’s nursery provides healthy Vanilla vines to farmers for cultivation with an annual supply capacity of 400,000 sapling delivery to farmers through IVI field officer.
IVI’s passion and commitment arises from two decades of knowledge in both the science of cultivation as well as the practical aspects with constant upgradation of methods and technology, while being receptive to feedback from the farmers.
IVI conducts interactive sessions with farmers and familiarizes them with the benefits of Vanilla cultivation through a Farming Contract that guarantees 100% Crop Purchase and Minimum Selling Price.
   The Indian Vanilla Enterprise is the marketing entity of Goodness Vanilla which offers the world a platter of the finest and all-natural Vanilla products. The venture is highly committed to present the painstakingly cultivated and processed Indian Vanilla, keeping its quality intact.
   After successful cultivation and harvesting under the supervision and technological assistance of the Indian Vanilla Initiative, the high-quality beans are meticulously processed and value added to extract & powder. From there, the all-natural range of Vanilla products is introduced to the Indian market by The Indian Vanilla Enterprise under the brand name Goodness Vanilla.



Goodness Vanilla is named aptly so as it brings you the fragrant pureness of all-natural vanilla. Our products are a result of a labour of love, right from fair-trade plantation practices to hand-picked vanilla pods.The Indian Vanilla Initiative has set-apart vanilla agriculture in India and our quest for providing nothing but the best vanilla products stems from passion and appreciation of this ethereal plant from the Orchid family.
They are Grade A Beans which are supple, aromatic and have a uniform dark brown colour with higher flavour content.
They are Beans which are less supple due to lower moisture and lighter brown colour than Gourmet beans; they are used for Extraction
Alcohol-free Natural Vanilla Extract, double fold, all-natural, no preservatives. The delight fully sensuous and smooth Goodness Vanilla Extract is a dark, amber elixir made by infusing the concentrate from high-quality vanilla pods in to an invert sugar carrier.
All-natural Vanilla Powder made from crushing of quality vanilla pods
The treasured seeds inside the vanilla pods that though not used for flavour, they give a natural visual aspect of real vanilla to the end product.